Terms And Conditions.

Payments, Councellations And Refund.

At Jeasam Gorilla Voyages, confirmation of a trip begins with a particular cash deposit of 20% of the total cost of the trip, however, payment in full amounts is encouraged. This 20% deposit is intended to assure us of space from different service providers for the meantime and so it is non refundable. Only safari funds may be deposited on our account and must be in US dollars. The remaining amount part of the trip fund must be paid atleast 30 days before the first day of the trip. In rear cases, we ask our customers to top up some times as a result of fluctuation of prices and currency devaluation, changes in accomodation, changes in participants’ projected number or any other condition that may influence this decision.

If you intend to councel your safari, write to Jeasam Gorilla Voyages before 60 days and you will be given a refund of 75% of your safari cash if you had paid in full amount. You will be reimbursed with 50% if you intend to councel 30 days before the start date of the trip. We shall issue no refund if the councellation notice is submitted less than 30 days before the day of starting your trip because we shall have fully distributed the money to our various service providers.

If a client requests for changes in services or postponement of the programe, this will require top up as shall be communicated so as to keep services at attention. We issue no any form of refund once the trip has commenced. We suggest that our clients purchase travel insurance policies to safeguard your resources.

Jeasam Gorilla Voyages reserves the right to change the itinerary, trip date or accommodation before or during the tour. This may be done if the conditions for running the trip are not favourable. For example, if the trip must be delayed due to bad weather, poor road conditions, sickness, transport delays, government influence or any other conditions which our employee(s) may not have contral over and Jeasam Gorilla Voyages cannot be held responsible, the cost is to be borne by the traveller.

Councellation of the trip before the starting date is normally in rear cases but may occur once the destination is under strike, war, government intervation, if the projected number of participants is not realised or any other un avoidable circumstances that may threaten the proceeding of the trip. Jeasam Gorilla Voyages will refund your money. We shall not be held responsible for any of the client’s expenses incurred during their preparation for the trip including the non refundable deposit.

We shall not take liability of any injuries, damages or losses arising from good will, political instabilities, strikes, delays, detention, anoyance, health disabilities, change in hotel service, theft, delay in time and government intervations and restrictions. Adviseable itinerary adjustments may be applied to ensure safety and confort of our clients.

Jeasam Gorilla Voyages prices include ground transportation, safari guide, accommodation bookings, meals, basic drinks in the car, park entrances and activity fees.

Our prices exclude visa fees, air tickets, medication, telephone calls, laundry, gifts, clothings, tips, luxuarius drinks and any other services which were not prescribed at the time of planning the trip.

We shall require some of the client’s personal information for official use by the company, destination entrences and in other related areas.

We would like to advise our fidelities to notify us of any health issues in advance including allergies because we believe in safety first. Otherwise Jeasam Gorilla Voyages tourguide has full rights to discontinue members of the crew whom they feel their disabilities will hamper the progress of such a participant or the group and in this case, no refund is given.

We may take photos of our clients or record videos and these may or not be used for promotion.

By proceeding and paying the deposit fund, you agree that you have read and understood the above terms and conditions and that you are happy to travel with Jeasam Gorilla Voyages.