Our Experience

Our Safari Guides and Staff

We believe in a team of fit and prudent men and women. They include Mugisha Samuel who was once quoted being described as a guide who identifies birds with the sixth sense by an American couple in June 2017. We are English and French speaking ready to interpret Uganda for you. We are always on time and happy to respond when ever we are called up on. Our safari guides have been attentively selected and trained under different Uganda tourism institutions and associations. They are diverse in knowledge with a long term serving experience and are well equiped while they work on a permanent basis. They are in categories of; General safari guides. They have general knowledge on all tourism potentials of Uganda and are good for a generally inquisitive type of clients. We have specializing guides; Bird guides, they have grown up in a birding environment, chosen, read and trained on birds and are good to handle clients who may have love or customize on birds. They will tell you why Uganda is regarded as number one Africa’s birding spot. We also have cultural guides who will take you and elaborate Uganda’s traditions and cultures given different back grounds of the people. We also have butterfly specialists and trees and shrubs biologists. They are all always sure to consider the clients’ interests first.

Our vehicles

We conduct our Safaris using different choices of strong and customized safari fleet. They include the safari minibuses, Toyota landcruisers/safari Jeeps all with pop up/open roof and each seat has an individual sliding window for every one to easily access and may be take a photo and each car has enough space between the passengers, all these to anable and give the best results to our clients when they are viewing wild life on game drive. All of our vehicles also have full time 4×4 capacity which may be operated mainly on some few African mountain highways. This is to ensure that our clients get no breackages while travelling on a safari and whenever there is an emergency, we have a stand by team which is always sure to respond in time with a new car whenever signaled.

Where to stay

Jeasam gorilla voyages is a specialising company in the field of travel and we emphasize on consultation, guiding and transportation. We thus partner with other players and hotel experts to prepare you the best deals of comfort for the best of your adventurous days while with us. We have different facilities which vary in services they offer and we organise depending on our clients’ expectations and budget. Please let us know your preference.

Our Prices

We bring you budget differences of our different Client categories. We cost our trips with regard for our clients’ money value and our product prices are uncomparably fair. You may please check the differences to see where your proposed budget per day lies.

When To Visit.

Uganda is located in the East of Africa between the coordinates 1°N and 4°N latitudes and 30°E and 35°E longtudes, that is to say it is crossed by the equator thus characterized by a worm tropical climate with an average temperature range falling between 25-29°c and the average anual rain fall received ranging from 1000-1500mm respectively. The rainy seasons are usually the months of April and may, and then October and November thus indicating a set of two short wet seasons and the other set of two long dry seasons every year. The best time to visit is during the dry months, however, Uganda is continuously visited throught the year because the climate is relatively favourable, there are always opportunities and people work throught out the year.